A Community of Women

Her Slice of the Cake is a community minded group of women with one goal in mind: to help each other wherever and whenever we can. 

We believe that every person has something to give, and when we all do our part we ultimately are helping out the greater good in our community.  Together we truly can help make a big impact on each others lives while improving our own along the way.  Her Slice of the Cake is a tremendous opportunity forus to not only help fellow women but to show the value of what they do.

Below are the different types of community partners we will have in each market.  Our partners are split into three types of service. The first being the five pillars of financial services.  

Lifestyle Guest Speakers


Event Partners


We love supporting LOCAL businesses! 

Our events are hosted in interesting boutiques and shops where women can take in the ambiance and some shopping or enjoy a hands-on activity as they learn. 

If you’d like to introduce your business to our audience of women, contact us to host an event! 


We like to make all our events FLAVORFUL!

Promote your business and give our attendees a taste of who you are by providing delicious bites and bubbly cocktails that they will remember you by.


Sponsor desserts or refreshments by contacting us below!


What woman doesn't want to be SPOILED?

Help us love on our attendees by doing just that - gifting them swag bags full of quality giveaways to thank them for coming and to promote your business.

If you’d like to promote your business with us, contact us below!

Interested in Collaborating with us?

Her Slice of the Cake is always looking for potential guest speakers and collaborators looking to educate and enrich our female attendee's lives while introducing new services/business to women. If you are interested in becoming one, we would love to hear from you!

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