Our Mission

To arm women not only with financial tools and education, but empowering them with confidence, trust, and support in their decisions with financial planning.   

Meet the Founder

Stephanie Ellsworth, Founder of Her Slice of the Cake

Meet Stephanie Ellsworth – financial advisor and founder of Her Slice of the Cake.

Since 2009, Stephanie has dedicated her career to helping people navigate the complexities of financial planning and educating her clients on the best options to help them reach their goals.   


Over her years of meeting with women, Stephanie realized that there was an imbalance of financial knowledge among the genders, and she identified a real need for an outreach to women about financial education. She wanted to create a program that would impact women in a way that they could feel financially empowered in safe and supportive environment.  She also wanted to give women access to incredible planning resources through the collaboration of like-minded women, while ensuring this program was accessible to all women.  This is why she created Her Slice of the Cake.      


Being a genuine Phoenician at heart, Stephanie graduated with an Accounting degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in 2003, and moved back to the Valley of the Sun upon graduating. Prior to financial planning, she worked in specialized accounting procedures for real estate investments. 

Stephanie happily resides in Phoenix with her husband, Scott, and her two young daughters. She is active in her community, sitting on two charitable boards (Gabriel's Angels Board of Directors and AZ Foundation for Women Endowment Board) and, along with her husband, she regularly volunteers with local children’s organizations.

Why Financial Education for Women?

Women today are independent, smart, capable individuals.  We are taking what is ours and it is well deserved.  We are rising to the top more and more each day.  But how do we stay there when there isn't financial education that is designed to truly help us?  

This is why we created Her Slice of the Cake.

Our passion is to encourage women to equip themselves with financial knowledge and support before, during, and after life milestones. These workshops are a place to learn and grow in their own personal financial space whether they are just starting out in a career, buying a home, having their first child, or looking towards retirement. 

We believe that our biggest accomplishments in life stem from the goals we set for ourselves.  These accomplishments should be celebrated not only when they are achieved but all along the way.  We understand the journey can be difficult and that proper planning can help guide her to continue in her success. 


How do we help make it possible?


Financial Education

All the events will have a local financial advisor leading the topic.  We have a number of topics that the advisor will be leading on their own but there are some topics that go beyond what a financial advisor specializes in.  This is where Her Slice of the Cake will partner with other local professionals in their particular field to give women the best possible experience. 


Lifestyle Fun

We're able to offer these tremendously valuable and fantastically fun workshops through the very generous support of our Lifestyle Partners.  These individuals in the community have been hand-picked because they have real skills and knowledge to share which compliment the financial theme of the events.  This is an important piece to our puzzle because it adds a lot of fun in!


Sips, Treats and Atmosphere

Her Slice of the Cake events will be held at various locations, with different treats, drinks, and of course different giveaways.  We want to give you variety and also give you a taste of new things.  Boring is not in our vocabulary.

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